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Our service is tailored entirely to your requirements. We have a very broad mix of clients and for some, we will only attend once or twice per week. For other larger clients, we will have many cleaners on site at least five days per week. We build our service around what you need.
Yes. generally, we supply all the labour, equipment, machinery and materials required to carry out all our cleaning tasks within the agreed price. Additionally, we regularly supply consumables such as toilet rolls, hand towels, refuse sacks, bin liners etc., which would be invoiced at the end of each calendar month.
Our cleaning costs are tailored to the client, as every organisation and property portfolio is different and presents individual challenges and requirements.
Yes, as far as is practical. We always try to maintain continuity by using the same staff on a client’s contract. This helps to build extensive knowledge of the site, a healthy relationship and trust between the cleaning team and the client, and leads to increased security for our customers.

“You've done an amazing job! It makes such a difference to walk into a clean club every night!”

Olatunji O.
(Club Manager)

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